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I get who you are - you're active, hitting the gym, surfing, climbing the mountains - and it's hard for you to find a dessert that matches up to the way you eat clean. That’s why I created Coconut Girl Cookie Sandwiches; the first paleo cookie sandwich on the market sweetened with natural sugars.

We’ve perfected the cookie texture with creamy almond butter so it’s soft and chewy which complements the rich coconut cream so well. It’s hard to believe that these delectable sandwiches are grain free, paleo and pretty much guilt free. Enjoy!

Made with Love,


(Founder of Coconut Girl ®)



Fan tested & approved

"Coconut Girl Hang Loose Vanilla  cookie sandwich is the queen of desserts ... just sayin'" @mermadefresh

The ORIGINAL PALEO cookie sandwich

Frankie Yamsuan

"I'm a very health conscious person and definitely do not overindulge in sweets but your cookie sandwich made my heart happy." @kaylynblum